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A Few Days in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

We drove in our rental car from Kotor, Montenegro, to Dubrovnik. It only took a couple of hours. It’s a very nice drive. We had planned to stay in the city for a couple of nights. We stayed at a wonderful resort, the Hotel More, a luxury 5-star boutique hotel located by the sea in Lapad Bay. The hotel has several restaurants, an outdoor and indoor pools and direct access to the Adriatic Sea. One concern about the hotel are the elevators. There are two buildings, four elevators and a car elevator…none of the floor numbers match on any of the elevators. It took us a few days to figure it out! You can definitely not drink too much if you ever want to find your bedroom during the first day of your stay!

The main attraction in Dubrovnik is the Old Town and its walls and fort (UNESCO World Heritage Site). Parking is very expensive and difficult to find around the Old Town, so we took Uber from the Hotel More. We walked around the wall before. It’s very nice, but it cost 30 Euros per person. So, this time, we just walk around the medieval town and visited its monuments. For lunch we took the cable car and we ate at the Panorama Restaurant. The food is very good and the view is amazing. It was a sunny day and we ate on the terrace.

We also spent a few hours driving on the coast north of Dubrovnik, almost to the border with Bosnia. We stopped in the city of Ston and visited the Great Wall and the three fortresses.

Our hotel was only a few minutes’ walk to Lapad Beach. It’s also a nightlife spot with a lot of restaurants and terraces. We found an excellent Thai/Japanese restaurant, Shizuku, that serves very good sushi and curries in an eclectic setup.

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