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My wife and I married 37 years ago.  I am Swiss and she is from the U.S. We lived our first six years in Europe, working for multinationals and traveling throughout Europe for work and leisure.  Upon returning to Florida, she started working for one of the largest hotels on Disney property.  I started an Internet company specializing in hospitality.    


We both loved traveling the world and quickly learned how to save money while making sure we saw as much as possible on each trip.  Before long, we were helping friends and family with their vacation plans.  It became obvious to me that unless you travel often and are familiar with the locations you are visiting, it can be hard to understand that you may actually lose money by trying to save money.  

I decided to start this agency so I can make sure you get the most for your money!  I personally oversee every reservation and because of this, I only accept a few customers a month.  It's impossible to really help someone plan a good vacation when you are handling hundreds of clients at the same time.  Speaking four languages, I can converse with people in many countries when I need to get specific information for an area.  As a Conseiller Gastronomique Honoraire for the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, one of the largest culinary organizations in the world, I can also recommend wonderful restaurants where you travel. 


By using Aphco Travel, you can be assured that I will spend the time necessary to make your vacation an experience you will never forget! 


Philippe Cornu


Expert Travel Knowledge


Tailor-Made Holidays


Global Reach


100%  Money Protected

Need Help?


“The whole trip went

without a hitch , you totally hit it just right for us!”



- Donna G.-

“What a trip!  Thank you so much for making my 75th birthday so special.”


- Claudia K. -

“Thanks Philippe! 

We loved every second & would go back there in a heartbeat.”


- Charles H. -

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